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small This is a one time purchase for a lifetime CU4CU license to use all my CU scripts and templates to create other CU items. Once you purchase you will get a zip to download that contains a text fil you have to fill with your info and email to me. Then I will email you the License with your license number and a image you have to post on your blog/site or your store front. You May: -Use my scripts and Templates to create other CU and of course PU items -All scripts and templates must be merged and altered for resale a commercial use product. They cannot be sold in their layered form. -My products can not equal more than 50% of your finished pack, kit or product -Have fun with them You May Not: -Create other CU4CU items the items you make can only be sold as commercial use or personal use - Use any elements to create tubes or brushes - make my scripts into templates You can purchase the License at: Your Scrap Addiction

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A volte l'indiffrenza viene accompagnata dal silenzio perchè certe persone non meritano più nemmeno una parola.
september 10, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Freebie script

a new freebie for you
you can download it HERE
it's the last freebie I make ....
because my last 3 freebies was downloaded more than 100 times
and ONLY 3 had said thanks
I only ask you say thanks when you download my freebies
it's not cost you anything only 2 sec and 6 letters


sheila sagde ...

THank you. I'm sorry that more people have not been polite enough to say that they appreciate your work.

Anonym sagde ...

so sorry that people have not left any nice comments. it may be that they may not have a url or other id as is required by some to post a comment. many times i have wanted to on other sites and am unable to do so because of it. other times i must post as anonymous. anyhow... your kit looks awesome!

Anonym sagde ...

This is an awesome feather! Thank you for sharing this script. I've been searching for a nice feather like this. Love your scripts ♥
(sorry to hear that no one says "thank you")

Anonym sagde ...

thank you for the wonderfull feather
and your creativity and time to make this freebie possible.

Cheekylala sagde ...

Thank you so much for sharing! :)

fantasylife sagde ...

Great! Thank you for sharing!

Jennifer Kay sagde ...

I am new to scripts but love the ones you have here.. thank you so much for sharing them

SparklingShimmer4u2c sagde ...

Thanks for sharing :)