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small This is a one time purchase for a lifetime CU4CU license to use all my CU scripts and templates to create other CU items. Once you purchase you will get a zip to download that contains a text fil you have to fill with your info and email to me. Then I will email you the License with your license number and a image you have to post on your blog/site or your store front. You May: -Use my scripts and Templates to create other CU and of course PU items -All scripts and templates must be merged and altered for resale a commercial use product. They cannot be sold in their layered form. -My products can not equal more than 50% of your finished pack, kit or product -Have fun with them You May Not: -Create other CU4CU items the items you make can only be sold as commercial use or personal use - Use any elements to create tubes or brushes - make my scripts into templates You can purchase the License at: Your Scrap Addiction

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A volte l'indiffrenza viene accompagnata dal silenzio perchè certe persone non meritano più nemmeno una parola.
august 16, 2011

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BitsO'Scrap sagde ...

Hi. I love your scripts. I purchased several during your featured designer spot at Scrapping your memories. I have a problem with a couple of the scripts. I've contacted the store twice but have not recived a response back.
Pspgirl_Ribbon1_FS is missing the selections so the script won't work and Pspgirl Knotten ribbon FS script I did not get a link to download it. I can see the item was purchased but there was no link to download it. I couldn't find any way to contact you other than leaving a comment for all to see. I'm sorry for that. Please let me know what I need to do to get this corrected. Thanks so much.